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Toudi is thought to be the world's smallest Chihuahua. At 12 weeks old he weighs 300g and is 7cm high.

Wherever sharks swim in these shallow waters off Heron Island in Queensland, Australia they are guaranteed a clear path as scared fish move out of their way. The sharks aren't even attempting to eat any but the petrified fish don't want to risk becoming the dinner of the feared predator. Software engineer Scott Carr was looking for a picturesque spot for bridal pictures the day before his wedding when he came across the school of fish trying to avoid the lemon sharks.

Baby orangutan Diri eats a treat while climbing in his enclosure at Prague Zoo, Czech Republic

A lion and a lioness interact with each other in a cage at the Leningradsky Zoo in Saint Petersburg

A gosling peers out from beneath its mother's wings in Santa Clara, California

Doting mum Kimya cares for her 3-week-old newborn, who has recently been named Kanzi, at Melbourne Zoo. The youngster was the first gorilla baby born at the zoo since 2000 and is the product of the international endangered species breeding program. She has been named Kanzi, which means 'a treasure' in Swahili, after an online vote. Father Otana made the long journey from Melbourne to Howlett's Wild Animal Park in Kent in September 2013, while mother Kimya arrived a month later from her birthplace at Taronga Zoo.

This giraffe gives her young calf a nudge in the right direction

A one-month-old jaguar cub looks out of a bucket at the Leningradsky Zoo in Saint Petersburg

A pair of 1-month-old baby clouded leopard cubs are presented to the media by zoo keepers at the Olmense Zoo in Olmen, Belgium

Two dogs interact with each other during a group wedding for pet dogs at Purple Jade Villas in Beijing. A total of 21 dog "couples" walked down the aisle

Best friends 'Chai' the pug and 'Lola' the kitten wait to be given a new home at the Sydney Cats and Dogs Home in Sydney, Australia

A young visitor holds up her toy bunny to the aquarium glass in front of Aurora the Russian polar bear at the aquarium in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Two Russian polar bears, Aurora and Peregrino, were moved from the Kazan Zoo and arrived in the South American country in December. After four months of adaptation the two bears made their public debut on Thursday

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